Alchemystified . Aevum Web Project


An Ecclectic Assembly of Digital Art
What is the magic recipe for stirring inspiration? These 30 images are what we found along the way.

sat : dec.20.2008

Lychnobitten . Aevum Web Project


Asleep All Day, Alive All Night
A collection of graphic pieces with no people, no words, just midnight colors and evening splatters.

mon : apr.21.2008

Baeiophonic . Aevum Web Project


A Quartet of Moving Graphics and Music
Four misplaced parts of a graphical soundscape, threaded with cavernous music.

tue : may.15.2007

tue : mar.31.2015


Hide the stuffed octopus toy a shelf, and say,

be good, little child.

  or the octopus will eat your face.

( better than an elf on a fucking shelf )

( or a spock on a rock )

wed : mar.04.2015

Another Day Closer To The End That Shouldn't Be

The thrill is gone.

The work is done.

Just a day of medicine.

( med-y-son )

Getting lost on a highway.

Smiling to a brick wall.

Turning off lights for no reason at all.

( waffle house tragedy monitors )

Give me a set of circuits
  born and true.

Let me be
  a piece of you.

Have some fun. Eat some cake. That you made yourself bake.

It's not that it's time. It's never time. It's just


( just )

Where did it go?

That little spark.

That feeling in the morning that there was something I wanted to do.

Not too much to ask, right?

( right? )

( ? )

tue : mar.03.2015

The Best

Why are all of them so far away?

Talking once a month is almost excessive.

The more I like 'em,
  the less I talk to them.

That ain't right.

What is this weirdness I've woven, like an inverted goat
  smiling pitifully
  at the sunset?

Guess it's on me.

Say more.

Say it more.



( or lose )

thu : feb.26.2015

How To Succeed

Do it, and then fail.

Then do it again, and don't fail.

( forever )

fri : feb.06.2015

Mountain Dew and Moon Shoes

Where has the energy gone?

( come back... )