Alchemystified . Aevum Web Project


An Ecclectic Assembly of Digital Art
What is the magic recipe for stirring inspiration? These 30 images are what we found along the way.

sat : dec.20.2008

Lychnobitten . Aevum Web Project


Asleep All Day, Alive All Night
A collection of graphic pieces with no people, no words, just midnight colors and evening splatters.

mon : apr.21.2008

Baeiophonic . Aevum Web Project


A Quartet of Moving Graphics and Music
Four misplaced parts of a graphical soundscape, threaded with cavernous music.

tue : may.15.2007

tue : jan.27.2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Poupon

A crescent moon facing upwards,
  Above the Jamaican sea

What is left for you
  Is what is left for me.

( no more .11 )

wed : dec.10.2014

Hah, Lucy Nations

Induced by LSD, mushrooms, or too much sleep deprivation.

( where's your baby now? )

sat : nov.22.2014

That Moment

When someone you know from a long, long, long time ago, wants to friend you on Facebook.

And you have no idea what it could lead to.

( milquetoast chaos )

fri : oct.24.2014

To My Child

Love is a whore.

Dugs aren't an answer.

God isn't a solution.

And life an endless joy if you have passion.

Life is big.

Emotions are small.

And smurfs are blue.

wed : oct.08.2014


Twitter has the pictures.

Throat has the feeling.

Never was there a moment of panic.

Never was there a moment of weakness.

It was perfect.

Why can't that be

( here ? )